JoeBiden VS oPZesty 20 Jun, 2022 4:03 pm


Apm: 251
MMR: 5017
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Apm: 342
MMR: 4654
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Player Time Message
JoeBiden 00:07 glgl
oPZesty 00:20 glhf
JoeBiden 00:28 i lost 6 probes to 1 ling
JoeBiden 00:30 l;ast game
oPZesty 00:38 i saw
oPZesty 00:40 rough
JoeBiden 00:44 no just bad
JoeBiden 01:00 need toplay more
oPZesty 01:06 i hear that
oPZesty 01:41 its just a scout xD
JoeBiden 01:47 \yeah
JoeBiden 01:55 my souynd was off
oPZesty 01:59 ahh
JoeBiden 02:02 yeah
oPZesty 09:15 can we call this one i gotta go in 10
JoeBiden 09:19 no??
oPZesty 09:20 and i'd like to get another one in
JoeBiden 09:36 \not over??
oPZesty 15:43 gg

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