Skittysh VS Eatlead 02 Jul, 2022 3:05 pm


Apm: 118
MMR: 2891
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Apm: 43
MMR: 3209
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Player Time Message
Skittysh 00:00 hewo
Eatlead 00:01 prtoss units are fucked
Skittysh 00:03 why
Skittysh 00:23 i dont mind them
Eatlead 00:34 why we have no units no guns no speed thats w
Eatlead 00:58 prtoss units are fucked
Skittysh 03:43 you dont even build units T-T
Eatlead 06:32 slow as fuck
Skittysh 06:35 who
Eatlead 07:19 prtoss units are slow as fucked
Skittysh 07:24 not that slow
Eatlead 08:05 slow as fucked
Skittysh 08:08 not really though
Eatlead 08:24 they are fucked
Skittysh 08:34 not really
Eatlead 11:01 lol pur slow fuking shit
Skittysh 11:04 huh?
Skittysh 11:05 purr?

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