PillCosby VS WANKERwp 03 Jul, 2022 10:49 pm


Apm: 289
MMR: 0
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Apm: 207
MMR: 3144
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Player Time Message
PillCosby 00:00 gl hf t
WANKERwp 00:06 gotta be higher than plat for sure
PillCosby 00:09 no
PillCosby 00:13 i wish
PillCosby 00:19 thx tho
PillCosby 00:28 i main toss not zewrg
PillCosby 00:30 my zerg is bad
WANKERwp 00:33 ok
PillCosby 00:38 never really tried it much
WANKERwp 00:44 right
WANKERwp 33:06 gg

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