SukElBallz VS DeadOwl 04 Jul, 2022 6:34 pm


Apm: 251
MMR: 4089
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Apm: 270
MMR: 4072
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Player Time Message
DeadOwl 00:00
DeadOwl 00:07 a bit of lagg
SukElBallz 00:11 ?
DeadOwl 00:28 Im saying it started off with a bit of lagg
SukElBallz 00:31 k
DeadOwl 00:36 it seems ok now GLHF
DeadOwl 03:11 ODD
SukElBallz 03:19 lol
DeadOwl 04:20 hmmm
DeadOwl 06:31 gg

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