DrNoble VS Eul 04 Aug, 2022 9:43 pm


Apm: 191
MMR: 4123
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Apm: 181
MMR: 4082
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Player Time Message
DrNoble 02:48 you over reacted
Eul 03:07 ?
DrNoble 03:16 no need for the forge
Eul 03:28 dont sure
Eul 06:53 nice race lol
Eul 07:22 so stupid
Eul 07:29 u can just make lings
Eul 07:30 and win the games
Eul 07:34 fcking cringe
Eul 07:36 2 units 50 minerals
Eul 07:45 dont play in sc2 please
Eul 07:50 fcking braindamaged
Eul 07:51 idiot

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