HonMonO VS Shiny 13 Aug, 2022 2:36 pm


Apm: 293
MMR: 0
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Apm: 212
MMR: 0
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Player Time Message
CaptCanuck 00:00 gl hf eh?
CharactR 00:00 gl hf
Santaclaws 00:00 gl hwalter
Finnian 00:00 glhf
Elstubert 00:01 gl;hf
Shiny 00:04 gl hf
Shiny 00:52 omg
Shiny 00:53 hi
HonMonO 00:56 wtf is happening
Shiny 01:01 standard sc2
Elstubert 01:10 your mother is being done
Santaclaws 01:16 IF YOU ARE CONFUSED
Santaclaws 01:18 OKAY GLHF
Shiny 01:41 hyper
Shiny 01:44 i have a question
Santaclaws 01:46 yes?
CharactR 01:53 hey santa
Shiny 01:54 do you like pineapple on pizza
Santaclaws 01:57 uhhh
Santaclaws 01:57 hi
CharactR 02:01 whatr do you want for christmas?
Santaclaws 02:03 I don't mind it but it needs to be done well
Elstubert 02:05 Pineapples good
Santaclaws 02:15 cheese
CharactR 02:21 wish granted
Santaclaws 02:29 grilled pineapple after grilling meat is amazing
CharactR 02:33 because there's no island bases on this map
Santaclaws 02:34 epic gaming
Santaclaws 04:51 santaclaws why don't you tell us more shark facts
CharactR 04:57 fun fact: you can wall off with 2 gateways on this map[
Santaclaws 05:09 fun shark fact:
CharactR 05:12 i designed it that way
Shiny 05:14 i just realized
Shiny 05:18 i cant see the point at mid
Santaclaws 05:18 sharks eat things like seals
Santaclaws 05:28 can you not?
CharactR 05:32 wait... you can't?
Shiny 05:32 i cant see the red circle
Santaclaws 05:35 everyone should have vision
Santaclaws 05:37 oh
Santaclaws 05:37 dw
Santaclaws 05:39 I see a black circle
Santaclaws 05:40 it's 4x4
Shiny 05:48 i just see the terrain
Santaclaws 05:49 hmm
Shiny 05:50 like i have vision
Santaclaws 05:52 that might be bad
Shiny 05:53 but idk where the dot is
CharactR 05:56 weird
Shiny 06:02 prob cuz i changed my graphics
Santaclaws 06:05 bruh
CaptCanuck 06:12 oh I didn't know the point could still be won if contested
Shiny 06:13 cuzi was casting before
Shiny 06:16 so i had higher graphics
Elstubert 06:37 god damnit not again
Elstubert 06:52 santa claws is my neighbor
Santaclaws 06:57 (hearts)
Shiny 07:07 do not show any mercy to that man
Shiny 07:09 where is he
CaptCanuck 07:18 hi shiny
Shiny 07:21 hi canuck
Santaclaws 07:22 silly gamers
Elstubert 07:23 i found the cc in the top right gold
Elstubert 07:26 its my nexus now
Shiny 07:30 im so proud of u bert
Elstubert 07:35 he must be top right right
Shiny 07:43 well hes super far from me then
Shiny 07:49 im trusting you bert
Elstubert 07:59 alright
Elstubert 08:06 cannuuck
HonMonO 08:07 sry
CaptCanuck 08:13 sorry burt
CaptCanuck 08:17 was just scouting
Santaclaws 09:37 my frame rate
Santaclaws 09:47 how r u guys doing
Shiny 09:53 25 frames
Finnian 09:53 15 fps lul
Santaclaws 09:56 xd
Santaclaws 10:02 20
Shiny 10:09 impulsehow are you
CharactR 10:14 15lol
HonMonO 12:27 hey
HonMonO 12:30 we dont need fto fight
Shiny 12:32 i need frames
Shiny 12:34 im fucking dying
HonMonO 12:39 hey
HonMonO 12:40 plz
HonMonO 12:41 go home
HonMonO 12:43 (hearts)
Santaclaws 12:45 XD
Ziomek 12:59 i need bases
HonMonO 13:07 you can take left
CharactR 14:10 you kill me I kill your eco
CharactR 14:17 and reveal where you are
CharactR 14:18 or
CharactR 14:21 you leave me alone
Santaclaws 14:25 nani
HonMonO 14:26 i need base
Finnian 14:27 eco?
Finnian 14:30 who needs that
CharactR 14:42 fin dark green bottom right
Shiny 14:54 and that kids
CharactR 14:56 has carrier voidray and mothership
Shiny 14:57 is why we make a move armies
Finnian 15:07 oop
CaptCanuck 15:18 what
CaptCanuck 15:22 why didn't I win?
Santaclaws 15:25 ground units take priority
CaptCanuck 15:28 bruh
Santaclaws 15:28 ground > cloaked ground > all air > timed units > eggs
Santaclaws 15:29 over air
HonMonO 15:38 plz
HonMonO 15:51 hey
HonMonO 15:57 we dont need to fight
HonMonO 15:58 sibal
Santaclaws 16:01 shibal
Ziomek 16:09 how many bases you got
Shiny 16:23 canuck i thought we were friends
CaptCanuck 16:27 you have 2 points
CaptCanuck 16:32 and was fighting me
Shiny 16:33
CaptCanuck 16:37 you started it
Shiny 16:37 yoU WERE ON MID
Shiny 16:42 WHAT
Ziomek 16:44 why you attack me
CaptCanuck 16:46 you have 2 point
HonMonO 16:48 take it
HonMonO 16:49 sibal
Shiny 16:59 okay fine
Elstubert 17:05 welll shit
Elstubert 17:30 um well i guess ima be out
Santaclaws 17:44 remember if you win even 1 round, it still counts to total score
Santaclaws 17:53 just not as much as map wins do
HonMonO 18:21 zero mineral

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