Ziomek VS CaptCanuck 13 Aug, 2022 3:04 pm


Apm: 296
MMR: 0
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Apm: 204
MMR: 0
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Player Time Message
CaptCanuck 00:00 gl hf eh?
Shiny 00:00 gl hf
Finnian 00:00 glhf
CharactR 00:00 gl hf
Santaclaws 00:00 sussy dance moves time gl hf
Elstubert 00:02 gl;hf
Santaclaws 00:04 FOR WALTER
CharactR 00:10 NOU
Shiny 00:27 i have 250 ping
Elstubert 00:32 ??
CaptCanuck 00:32 still don't see a red dot
CaptCanuck 00:34 lovely
Elstubert 00:38 solid 60 ping
Elstubert 00:40 i see red dot
CharactR 00:46 i SEE THE dot
Shiny 00:48 i see a black dot
HonMonO 00:50 go home shiny
Santaclaws 00:50 I AM the dot
Shiny 01:02 i will leave you alone
Shiny 01:07 do you want to be friends?
Elstubert 01:22 shiny i want to be friends
HonMonO 01:23 idk
CharactR 01:25 i am the danger!
Elstubert 01:35 yoooooooo
Elstubert 01:36 friends
Santaclaws 01:38 who would win in fight between jerry from tom and jerry and larry the lobster from spongbob?
Shiny 01:48 now that we're friends ber
Shiny 01:50 bert
Elstubert 01:56 imagine teaming at 0:00
Shiny 01:56 can you teach me
Elstubert 01:58 lmao
Shiny 02:00 how to be cool like you
Elstubert 02:06 time to flame you on stream
Elstubert 02:06 uhhhhhhhh
Elstubert 02:15 idk
Elstubert 02:21 just be awesome?
Shiny 02:26 wow
CharactR 02:27 nou
Shiny 02:28 youre so wise
Shiny 02:34 CHARACTER
Shiny 02:37 DONT NO U BERT
CharactR 02:42 nou
Shiny 02:45 that is UNCALLED FOR
CharactR 02:52 no
CharactR 02:52 u
CharactR 04:05 sorry bert
CharactR 04:13 i'll back off
HonMonO 04:15 too late
Elstubert 04:16 thank you
Elstubert 04:39 camaraderie is as turbulent as the waters
Elstubert 04:41 as fleeting as the wind
Elstubert 04:44 you shall see
HonMonO 05:08 sibal
Elstubert 05:24 shibal
Santaclaws 05:45 vengence for the boiz!
HonMonO 06:57 shiny
HonMonO 06:59 warring you
Shiny 07:00 HI
HonMonO 07:00 go home
HonMonO 07:16 i have enough army to kill you instantlly
Shiny 07:30 im just saying hi dw
HonMonO 07:33 good
Santaclaws 07:38 hi just saying hi dw im santa
CaptCanuck 08:06 ziomek is very powerful and killing me
Elstubert 08:13 oh no
Elstubert 08:14 what a nightmare
CaptCanuck 08:23 just letting people know
Ziomek 08:29 fake news
Ziomek 08:33 you just attacked me
CaptCanuck 08:36 ...
CharactR 09:50 that was mean D:
Shiny 09:52 i just want an economy man
CharactR 09:58 ziomek not you
Shiny 10:02 i know
HonMonO 10:20 sry shiny
HonMonO 10:22 i need base
HonMonO 10:28 will you die for me?
Shiny 10:34 please no
HonMonO 10:38 we are friend
HonMonO 10:44 you should die for me
Shiny 10:54 i havent even gotten to live yet
CharactR 11:18 santa
CaptCanuck 11:20 ziom
CaptCanuck 11:22 buddy
CharactR 11:23 don't make me do something
CaptCanuck 11:23 why
Santaclaws 11:23 yeah?
CharactR 11:26 you'll regret
Santaclaws 11:37 I am incapable of feeling regert
CharactR 11:44 good
Shiny 11:48 just kill santa claws
HonMonO 12:18 i told you guys no more mercy
Santaclaws 12:21 haha funni
Shiny 13:59 oh
Shiny 14:00 hi
HonMonO 14:07 no fight
Shiny 14:14 ok
Shiny 14:36 you have fun with finnian plz
Shiny 14:41 i dont wanna die
Finnian 15:20 rip
Elstubert 16:18 F
Shiny 16:20 F
Shiny 16:26 who killed them?
Elstubert 16:27 wow nobody pay respects
CaptCanuck 16:30 f
Elstubert 16:35 i own the dead body
Elstubert 16:45 he attacked me a few times
Elstubert 16:49 couldn't die
Elstubert 16:50 so he die
HonMonO 17:08 i dont need base
CaptCanuck 17:10 everyone attack the center on 30 seconds k?
Elstubert 17:20 kk
Shiny 17:23 ok
HonMonO 18:09 sibal
Elstubert 18:17 it's okay honmono
Elstubert 18:19 do you need a base
Elstubert 18:22 round wins still count for something
HonMonO 18:33 gg
HonMonO 18:47 no more scv
Santaclaws 18:50
Shiny 19:02 bert
Shiny 19:04 can i have a base
Elstubert 19:09 uhh
Elstubert 19:18 which one
Shiny 19:19 oh
Shiny 19:25 hi honmono
Shiny 19:27 how are you
HonMonO 19:31 fucked up
Shiny 19:43 oh
Shiny 19:54 its ok
Shiny 19:58 i know how you feel
Shiny 20:04 if you want to talk about it im here for you
HonMonO 20:12 HELP
Elstubert 20:21 shiny knows what it feels like to get surrounded and pooped on
HonMonO 20:22 thx
Elstubert 20:27 XD
Shiny 21:14 hey hyper
Shiny 21:16 howre you doing
CaptCanuck 21:19 what
CaptCanuck 21:22 bro
Elstubert 21:24 I kinda need to pee after this map
CaptCanuck 21:27 how did I not win that point
Elstubert 21:30 what happened to bathrooms before
CaptCanuck 21:33 I hate not seeing the dot...
Elstubert 21:40 it's 4x4 in the mid
Elstubert 21:42 it's as wide as the roads
CaptCanuck 21:53 that's great
CaptCanuck 21:56 all I see is map :P
Elstubert 21:57 do you wanna set your graphics to high next map
CharactR 22:00 santa
CaptCanuck 22:02 idk
CharactR 22:03 for christams
CharactR 22:06 could yuou not
CaptCanuck 22:08 I just gotta kill everyone
Santaclaws 22:12 nope
HonMonO 22:22 santa
HonMonO 22:29 you just killed my last unit i have
Santaclaws 22:33
HonMonO 23:18 shiny hlef
HonMonO 23:19 hlpe
HonMonO 23:21 help
Shiny 23:24 BERT
Shiny 23:25 STOP
HonMonO 23:31
HonMonO 23:36 repair plz
Elstubert 23:41 why is everyone trying to kill a dead player's raxes
HonMonO 23:42 let me use your battery
Elstubert 23:43 lol

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