Santaclaws VS Ziomek 13 Aug, 2022 4:00 pm


Apm: 76
MMR: 0
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Apm: 225
MMR: 0
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Player Time Message
Shiny 00:00 gl hf
CaptCanuck 00:00 gl hf eh?
CharactR 00:00 gl hf
Finnian 00:00 glhf
CharactR 00:00 ah come on
Santaclaws 00:00 gl hf
CharactR 00:04 zerg 4 times in a row
Elstubert 00:05 hf;gl
Santaclaws 00:07 character guess what
Santaclaws 00:13
CharactR 00:14 yes?
Santaclaws 00:17 guess
CharactR 00:22 nou
Santaclaws 00:26 no us
Elstubert 00:29 santa did your mother
CharactR 00:29 no U
CharactR 00:34 meh
Santaclaws 00:38 no
Santaclaws 00:41 i AM your mother!!!
CharactR 00:48 jerry jerry jerry!
Shiny 00:49 of course im next to ziomek
Shiny 00:52 why wouldnt i be
Santaclaws 01:07 seinfeld theme*
Elstubert 01:11 just do 3 gate forge
Elstubert 01:12 ez
Shiny 01:35 bert why are you zerg
Elstubert 01:49 uhh zerg ez race and imba
Elstubert 01:52 or something
Elstubert 01:58 im already in last place
Elstubert 02:02 so i cant go down
Shiny 02:12 santa claws is next to you bert
Shiny 02:15 im counting on you
Elstubert 02:24 well shit
Santaclaws 02:28
Shiny 02:35 shouldve coached you before this game
Santaclaws 03:05 character guess what
Shiny 03:09 you get yummy bases too
Santaclaws 03:09
Shiny 03:10 its great
CharactR 03:10 wtf?
CharactR 03:18 is that missile turret placement
Santaclaws 03:19 yeee
Santaclaws 03:28 tactics
CharactR 03:37 special tactics to be sure
Shiny 04:05 who is in bottom left
CaptCanuck 04:08 me
CharactR 04:10 ur mom
Shiny 04:14 who else
CaptCanuck 04:15 inbetween hono and zio
Shiny 04:21 ah ok
HonMonO 04:22 was i shiny's mom?
Elstubert 04:27 im shinys grandpa
Shiny 04:36 reality is my mom
Shiny 05:08 how did character nactually get point
Elstubert 05:13 lings
Elstubert 05:14 don't ask me
Elstubert 05:32 witchcraft
Finnian 05:36 whos base even is this
Santaclaws 05:42 we have joint custody
Finnian 05:52 aight ill leave you guys to it then
Santaclaws 06:40 this is the best thing I have ever seen
Santaclaws 06:43 thank you elstubert
Santaclaws 06:49 I am going to assimilate this tactic
Elstubert 06:53 your welcome
Ziomek 06:59 ?
Santaclaws 07:04 spine drops
Santaclaws 07:06 genius
Elstubert 07:08 ikr
Santaclaws 07:19 can't believe I haven't thought of htis before
Elstubert 07:41 you need a bigger brain
Ziomek 08:13 gg
Shiny 08:26 uh
Shiny 08:27 wtf happened
Elstubert 08:31 *shrug*
Elstubert 08:33 killing
Elstubert 08:41 swords were plunged into flesh
Elstubert 08:43 blood was drawn
Elstubert 08:44 it was gruesome
Shiny 08:55 well, thanks canuck
Shiny 09:22 bert have you killed santa claws yet
CaptCanuck 09:25 hono got me though
Elstubert 09:34 no
Elstubert 09:36 hes kiling me
Shiny 09:39 bruh
HonMonO 09:49 shiny
Shiny 09:52 hi
HonMonO 09:52 i need point
Finnian 09:53 ill help someone rush shiny
CharactR 09:55 santa
Shiny 09:55 um
CharactR 09:59 i have a present for you
HonMonO 10:01 die for me
Shiny 10:15 bye
Elstubert 10:35 plz do another one
Shiny 11:04 never attack bert
Shiny 11:07 bert is my best friend
Elstubert 11:11 X
Santaclaws 11:17 but he attacked me first
Santaclaws 11:47 ok well I will do illegal surgeries to your base then
Santaclaws 12:16 bert just TPd those BCs
Santaclaws 12:23 with neural
Shiny 12:27 then get out
Santaclaws 12:27 not me
Santaclaws 12:40 why?
Shiny 12:51 well
Shiny 12:55 id say because id kill you
Shiny 12:59 but im gonna kill you anyway
Santaclaws 13:00 but I'm already dead
Elstubert 13:57 why
Elstubert 13:58 are there
Elstubert 13:59 what
Shiny 13:59 get out
Elstubert 14:04 i will
Elstubert 14:11 i dont even know why they are there
Santaclaws 14:11 no
Elstubert 15:03 gg
Shiny 15:05 sorry bert
Santaclaws 15:15 just as planned
CharactR 15:55 the fact that after all that
CharactR 15:59 nobody had the point
CharactR 16:02 is hilarious
CharactR 16:04 lmao
Elstubert 16:14 honmono can you see the red circle?
HonMonO 16:31 yes
Elstubert 16:33 ok
Santaclaws 17:03 among us
Finnian 17:12 character plz
Finnian 17:16 just passing through
CharactR 17:20 so am i
Santaclaws 19:07 I did it!
Santaclaws 19:09 I got the base!
CharactR 19:18 rude
Santaclaws 19:23
Santaclaws 19:40 winning won't bring bert back
Santaclaws 19:51 his soul is Walter's now
CaptCanuck 21:14 nice one shiny
CharactR 21:23 i can't believe
CharactR 21:27 santa still has stuff
Santaclaws 21:33
Shiny 21:36 thatll change soon
Santaclaws 21:55 I am an undying plague
Santaclaws 22:17 so long as walter remains so do i
Santaclaws 22:33 wait actually no this might kill me
Santaclaws 22:47 yes I am now in very real and serious danger for the first time ever I believe
Shiny 23:38 fucking nukes
Santaclaws 23:38 at least I have my depot
CaptCanuck 24:26 one little missclick ...
Santaclaws 24:57 all part of the great plan
CharactR 25:18 how is your marine split micro?
Santaclaws 25:38 hey
Santaclaws 25:41 hey character
Santaclaws 25:43 guess what?
Santaclaws 25:50 I lived
Finnian 26:11 it was a good run
HonMonO 26:12 shiny
HonMonO 26:15 let me win
HonMonO 26:18 i need money
CaptCanuck 26:19 no
Elstubert 26:24 can i get money
Elstubert 26:26 no
Elstubert 26:30 you're an unpaid intern
Elstubert 26:35 i dont work for blizzard
Finnian 26:42 gonna afk so gg's in advance
Santaclaws 26:51 bazinga that depot wasn't the last building
Elstubert 26:52 no nukes
Elstubert 26:52 sadge
Santaclaws 26:58 you will never kill me
Santaclaws 27:01
Santaclaws 27:08 gg everyone!

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