PigBickDussy VS Jordanism 26 Sep, 2022 2:44 am


Apm: 130
MMR: 3375
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Apm: 184
MMR: 3255
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Player Time Message
Jordanism 04:57 nigger
Jordanism 06:18 lag hacking chink
Jordanism 06:53 English?
Jordanism 07:32 do you speak english
PigBickDussy 07:32 not for you no
Jordanism 07:32 i was going to ask you something
Jordanism 07:32 but fine
Jordanism 07:32 gg
PigBickDussy 07:32 gg
Jordanism 07:32 fag
Jordanism 08:12 i hope your nigger mom gets raped and killed
Jordanism 08:23 i hope you find her with cum dripping out of her mouth dead

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