Grimm VS AvP 26 Sep, 2022 12:05 pm


Apm: 44
MMR: 2047
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Apm: 120
MMR: 2076
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Player Time Message
AvP 00:04 omg
AvP 00:06 u again
Grimm 00:16 yesterday ?
AvP 00:18 i told you 3 months ago idiot to delete this game
AvP 00:23 i raped you
AvP 06:01 I TOLD YOU
Grimm 06:17 don't wanna play quit
AvP 22:12 IDIOT
Grimm 22:23 i don't care ... sorry
AvP 22:39 FUCK YOU
Grimm 22:53 what ever makes you feel better
Grimm 23:28 i don't even know why you angry ?
Grimm 26:26 feeling better ?
AvP 26:29 get out
AvP 26:30 idiot
AvP 26:41 u are the worst player
Grimm 26:49 you could have killed me like 10 min ago ....
AvP 26:58 i didnt wanted too idiot
Grimm 27:01 yes i'am, i'm learning
AvP 27:06 its nice to humiliate you
AvP 27:12 fucking shit noob
Grimm 27:17 by winning ?
Grimm 27:45 lol my ego much bigger than yours , and not only ego apperently ^^
AvP 28:04 if you were my son i would have killed you
AvP 28:08 shit idiot
Grimm 28:12 i'm 34 ....
Grimm 28:53 so it's just a game, don't stress out .... it meant to be played and enjoyed
Grimm 29:02 have a good evening ^^
AvP 29:03 fuck you
AvP 29:06 get out
AvP 29:08 you piece of shit
Grimm 29:17 ;)

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