nanooko VS ShiningSun 02 Dec, 2022 6:29 am


Apm: 97
MMR: 3079
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Apm: 128
MMR: 3056
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Player Time Message
nanooko 00:27 i fck ur mother
ShiningSun 00:34 good to know
nanooko 00:38 FCK OFF
ShiningSun 00:45 I think she deserves love
nanooko 00:58 not love
nanooko 01:03 like sex slave
nanooko 01:04 in ass
ShiningSun 01:08 she likes it
nanooko 01:12 ok
ShiningSun 01:14 that way
nanooko 01:16 u are shit
ShiningSun 01:26 yes I am
ShiningSun 01:29 arent we allĨ
nanooko 01:32 who do not respect
ShiningSun 01:43 I do respect her love
ShiningSun 01:46 for ropught sex
nanooko 05:54 fckin noobs
nanooko 05:57 cgeeser idiots
nanooko 06:02 die by cancer
nanooko 06:03 noob
ShiningSun 06:05 why are you angry at yourself_

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