Kevindevin VS FuriousDroid 02 Dec, 2022 5:16 pm


Apm: 240
MMR: 3930
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Apm: 166
MMR: 3983
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Player Time Message
Kevindevin 00:00 glhf
FuriousDroid 02:27 ur late
FuriousDroid 13:50 lol
Kevindevin 13:52 oops
FuriousDroid 20:58 so with twice as many mutas as me
FuriousDroid 21:04 and twice as many hydras
FuriousDroid 21:10 *twice as many mutas
FuriousDroid 21:15 you made pure hydra
FuriousDroid 21:18 to kill my muta
FuriousDroid 21:21 bahahahahahahahhaahahahahah
FuriousDroid 21:23 ahhaahahahahahahhaha
Kevindevin 21:23 viper hard
FuriousDroid 21:29 nono
Kevindevin 21:33 yes
FuriousDroid 21:34 starcraft hard
FuriousDroid 21:36 for you
Kevindevin 21:37 yes
FuriousDroid 21:40 agreed
FuriousDroid 21:48 did not think there was anything we might agree on
Kevindevin 21:51 gg
FuriousDroid 21:55 fucku

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