TerranEU VS Farnot 23 Jan, 2023 11:51 am


Apm: 201
MMR: 2549
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Apm: 34
MMR: 2542
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Player Time Message
Farnot 00:04 hfgl
TerranEU 00:08 glgl
TerranEU 03:20 all in looser?
TerranEU 03:29 you are a shame for us terranm
TerranEU 03:33 no wonder oyu are gold
Farnot 09:00 wp
TerranEU 09:02 noob
TerranEU 09:08 don play all in
TerranEU 09:09 never
Farnot 09:17 nro we both gold or your smurfing
Farnot 09:19 chill
TerranEU 09:21 we are not
TerranEU 09:24 i am diamond
Farnot 09:30 cool so your smurfing
TerranEU 09:37 nope
TerranEU 09:38 2nd ac
Farnot 09:46 to play gold
TerranEU 09:48 i never played all in
Farnot 09:49 and smurf
Farnot 09:51 loser
TerranEU 09:54 in over 20k games
Farnot 10:06 brother youre too serious
TerranEU 10:14 you have no idea
Farnot 10:19 sad life
TerranEU 10:20 how nice esport can be
TerranEU 10:35 was even pro in counterstrike source for 2 years
Farnot 10:54 i mean if smurfing brings you enjoyment w/e i guess
TerranEU 10:57 and i play starcraft since 1998
Farnot 11:12 like i said youre smurfing on basic ppl liek me
TerranEU 11:24 basic ppl?
TerranEU 11:28 we dont need you
TerranEU 11:33 that means you are stuĆ¼pid
TerranEU 11:38 you dont want to learn
TerranEU 11:48 and stupid people briught humanity trumpo, putin and hitler
Farnot 11:50 people who play for fun and do other things and invest our time into other pursuits
Farnot 12:06 you wildn my guy
TerranEU 12:21 just say waht i think
TerranEU 12:27 humans deserve to die
TerranEU 12:33 we kill this planet
Farnot 12:35 just kill by 4 buildings and crawl back into your hole
TerranEU 12:45 we a re to greedy for a species
Farnot 13:26 ok well im just going to go afk. you know where my buildings are

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