Pie VS MiRaGe 23 Jan, 2023 3:48 pm


Apm: 134
MMR: 3721
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Apm: 176
MMR: 3820
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Player Time Message
MiRaGe 00:00 gl hf
Pie 00:00 glhf
MiRaGe 17:57 forgiving toss
Pie 18:02 idd
MiRaGe 18:39 behind on eco, army and upgrades all game lol
MiRaGe 25:57 kinda ridicilus that my micro and mechanics are about 1-2 leagues above urs
Pie 26:09 apparently not
MiRaGe 26:11 and ur winning the game through obvious unbalance at these levels
MiRaGe 26:12 toss
MiRaGe 26:15 0 micro demands
MiRaGe 26:18 piss simple macro
MiRaGe 26:21 basicly F2 A + spam T
MiRaGe 26:45 while T has to dodge disruptors, emp 10/10 templars or gg, and shift click and move back vikings
MiRaGe 26:58 toss is basicly macro only and minimap controlled army
Pie 27:08 mate

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