Giuseppe VS Denarzi 23 Jan, 2023 9:43 pm


Apm: 100
MMR: 3056
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Apm: 209
MMR: 3031
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Player Time Message
Giuseppe 00:00 glgl
Denarzi 00:05 gl hf
Giuseppe 12:45 lmao
Giuseppe 13:16 braindead
Giuseppe 13:19 fck you
Denarzi 13:19 what is?
Giuseppe 13:24 your brain
Giuseppe 13:27 actual clinically dead
Denarzi 13:28 hmmh
Giuseppe 13:51 must be nice to lose your whole army in an utterly useless attack
Giuseppe 13:55 and then defend easily
Denarzi 14:00 when im this ahead?
Giuseppe 14:05 early game
Denarzi 14:06 like 5 bases up on you
Denarzi 14:07 lmao
Giuseppe 14:08 you run into my wall
Giuseppe 14:16 and then defend like it's nothing
Giuseppe 14:22 this is why i cheese zerg usually
Denarzi 14:29 watc hthe replay
Denarzi 14:34 i used very littele early
Denarzi 15:01 out expanded
Denarzi 15:04 you need to hit a nice timing
Denarzi 15:07 or expand faster
Denarzi 15:29 also banshees were real slow
Giuseppe 15:47 you are a piece of wet trash

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