TessTickle VS SICK 25 Jan, 2023 7:53 pm


Apm: 81
MMR: 2706
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Apm: 72
MMR: 2613
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Player Time Message
TessTickle 00:00 glhf, hope you get well soon
SICK 00:11 gl
TessTickle 08:51 not pervy jimmy!!! hes harmless, just likes to watch
SICK 10:12 i dont know but
SICK 10:19 ur mother will die on cancer with pain
SICK 10:26 in 2023
TessTickle 10:30 that's sad....why so salty?
SICK 10:35 no all chill
TessTickle 10:37 did daddy touch you too much?
SICK 10:38 its true
TessTickle 10:40 too little?
SICK 10:45 when ths whore die
SICK 10:49 tell me ok?
SICK 10:53 iknow it
SICK 11:06 ur mummy will have cancer under skin
SICK 11:07 and die
SICK 11:10 in this yeat
TessTickle 11:20 are you nostradamus?
SICK 11:21 tell me when thiss whore die ok?
SICK 11:25 i pray for it
SICK 11:31 its all
TessTickle 11:35 sad puppy.....
TessTickle 11:43 but I still love you little guy
SICK 11:45 noo
SICK 11:52 i love u too
SICK 11:56 all its normal
SICK 11:58 but whore die
TessTickle 11:59 i do, I hope you do better soon
SICK 12:04 remmer me
SICK 12:12 remember my words
SICK 12:16 this whore die
TessTickle 12:17 I probably won't.....
SICK 12:25 seriosly
SICK 12:29 i see it in my dreams
SICK 12:36 ur mummy will die on cancer
SICK 12:39 in 2023
SICK 12:45 i hope it
TessTickle 12:49 yeah.....that might be a brain tumor causing halucinations..get that checked
SICK 13:00 can u tell me
SICK 13:03 when she die?
SICK 13:14 pls
SICK 13:17 i need
SICK 13:21 when i will be calm
TessTickle 13:23 no.....She dead already....been since 2005 sorry buddy
SICK 13:27 oh
SICK 13:29 nice
SICK 13:33 when is true
SICK 13:44 but i dont trust u
TessTickle 13:46 who knows....I might be full of it...
SICK 14:02 i thin she die in this year
TessTickle 14:14 I just might have lied about the year....
SICK 14:39 i need calm
SICK 14:41 tell me
SICK 14:46 when she die
TessTickle 14:49 so not really taking much credence in your predictions here.....kind of like a fortune teller that can't win the lotto
SICK 15:03 ok
SICK 15:05 nice
SICK 15:08 shut u r mouth
SICK 15:10 now
TessTickle 15:15 but why?
SICK 15:23 i need calm
TessTickle 15:40 I calm you; come here little guy I'll pet your head

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