venuslux VS KPilkington 25 Jan, 2023 5:53 am


Apm: 156
MMR: 3204
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Apm: 110
MMR: 3097
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Player Time Message
venuslux 00:24 glhf new frend
KPilkington 00:32 hf babe
venuslux 00:36 gross
venuslux 00:39 i'm not gay frend
KPilkington 00:43 lol
KPilkington 00:47 no homo
venuslux 01:09 grody
KPilkington 01:12 ?
venuslux 01:18 gay prsons
KPilkington 01:23 lol
venuslux 11:55 lol god you faggots are pathetic
KPilkington 12:02 you're so gay
venuslux 14:24 definition of faggot
venuslux 15:17 STICK to cheating nigger
KPilkington 15:21 LOL
venuslux 15:21 you'll never win a game without it
KPilkington 15:24 EZ
venuslux 15:27 lol is something uneducated infants type
venuslux 15:33 cause they are too sstupid to form a sentence
KPilkington 15:34 gg ez

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