Phantom VS Cheeser 24 Jan, 2023 7:57 pm


Apm: 114
MMR: 3435
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Apm: 153
MMR: 3424
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Player Time Message
Cheeser 00:00 glhf
Phantom 00:09 i hate pathetic cheesers like you
Phantom 00:14 i just lsot vs a unranked noob
Phantom 00:18 because
Phantom 00:26 thje zealot came out the wrong side of the gate
Cheeser 00:31 10/10
Phantom 00:31 for no reason whatsoever
Phantom 00:37 cause the rally was correct
Phantom 00:51 i had beaten the stupid cheeser the match before so we're even
Phantom 00:59 but the idiot stole my mmr
Cheeser 01:02 didn't get the best of 3
Phantom 01:03 playing unranked
Cheeser 01:06 rip
Phantom 01:14 no but i'll pushish you for it
Phantom 01:21 pathetic zerg players with theskill lvl of a gold
Phantom 01:43 dont know aboyut you but half the zerg i play agsint
Phantom 01:52 would be gold if they played terran
Phantom 01:55 itspatheticc
Phantom 02:00 and hey go and buff them
Cheeser 02:07 normally offracing is difficult
Phantom 02:42 you dont understand how bad half the zergs i play agaisnt arre
Phantom 04:23 you know tyhis strat was nerfed right
Phantom 05:58 the ltiral only nerf zerg received was vs this type of tshit
Phantom 06:50 whoosp
Phantom 14:23 bronze legue starts
Phantom 17:01 pathetic
Phantom 22:37 yorue definitely one of those gold lvl zergs
Phantom 22:52 the worst part is you dont even udnerstand
Phantom 23:14 how lcuky you are
Phantom 23:24 i controlled this game from the beginign
Phantom 23:40 and then a bad engage
Phantom 23:43 gave you rthe advantage
Phantom 24:04 but you do not deserve
Phantom 24:08 to win dammit
Phantom 24:17 if we take cotnrol
Phantom 24:27 from the replay
Phantom 24:34 i win this game 99 time out of 100
Phantom 24:41 and im dead serious
Cheeser 24:53 I believe it
Phantom 25:08 im gfuckigns erious
Phantom 25:16 you got incredicly lucky in 1 engage
Phantom 25:24 and the i had jsut moved my army from 1 palce
Phantom 25:32 }
Phantom 25:35 when you atacked it
Phantom 25:37 pathetic noob
Phantom 25:47 show this replay to anyone and they┬┐ll tell you

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