Attilles,Dustar VS RamMan,DrunkToronto 15 Mar, 2023 9:12 pm


Apm: 64
MMR: 2847
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Apm: 118
MMR: 3218
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Apm: 107
MMR: 2572
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Apm: 106
MMR: 2768
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Player Time Message
DrunkToronto 00:23 hi how are you ?
Attilles 00:32 How high are you?
DrunkToronto 00:36 not at all
Attilles 00:44 Nerd.
DrunkToronto 00:45 im not a pathetic loser that does drugs
Dustar 00:51 I am
Attilles 00:58 You're just a pathetic loser then?
DrunkToronto 00:59 of cours you are
DrunkToronto 01:07 i once had sex with a pig
DrunkToronto 01:09 it was your mother
Dustar 01:22 woah, that's kinda rude.
DrunkToronto 01:33 rude becuase you dont have a mother?
Dustar 01:35 Does that maek you proud of yourself?
Attilles 01:52 Dusty's mom fucked your mom.
DrunkToronto 02:03 how did trhey make a child?
Dustar 02:20 Who said anything about pregnancy?
Dustar 02:33 There's pegging, uyou know
DrunkToronto 02:37 why ddnt your mother abort u?
Attilles 02:45 Why didn't yours?
DrunkToronto 02:59 becuase she was a he
Dustar 03:57 do you have mommy issues? You cna tell me, UI'm a stranget on the internet
DrunkToronto 04:01 nope
DrunkToronto 07:57 gg
DrunkToronto 07:57 u lost
Dustar 08:15 Does being a butthole about it making you feel good, though?
DrunkToronto 08:19 yes
Dustar 08:27 Good on you

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