Melloh VS Twoface 17 Mar, 2023 4:36 am


Apm: 146
MMR: 2733
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Apm: 72
MMR: 0
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Player Time Message
Melloh 00:02 glhf
Melloh 00:42 sooooo ...
Melloh 00:45 hows things?
Twoface 04:42 wow nigger much?
Melloh 04:48 huh?
Melloh 05:21 whats wrong?
Twoface 05:29 fuck you subhuman nigger
Melloh 05:38 y?
Twoface 05:52 WOWWW
Melloh 05:58 what i do?
Twoface 07:38 easy to wni when when u spawn with map control huh you fucking piece of shit nigger
Melloh 07:59 hey pig
Melloh 08:04 good salt mining bro?

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