RamMan VS DudeMonkGuy 17 Mar, 2023 9:31 pm


Apm: 90
MMR: 2518
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Apm: 93
MMR: 2510
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Player Time Message
DudeMonkGuy 00:00
RamMan 00:10 u2
RamMan 03:46 this map is pretty bad for canon rush
RamMan 10:00 wow
RamMan 10:00 can
RamMan 10:05 can't believe it took you 10 minutes
RamMan 10:09 I mean I'm only on one base
RamMan 10:12 sad
DudeMonkGuy 10:13 dont be a dick
DudeMonkGuy 10:16 u contain me to 1
RamMan 10:20 it is quite incredible
DudeMonkGuy 10:22 and then counter maurador with void
RamMan 10:27 yep
DudeMonkGuy 10:30 are u g gee ;ing?
RamMan 10:32 but you've got the all powerful marine
RamMan 10:36 maybe
RamMan 10:49 I mean shouldn't you know that?
RamMan 10:54 you have me completely crushed
RamMan 10:56 classic terran
RamMan 11:01 has no idea where you are in the game

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