IRRITATING VS Ecliptic 17 Mar, 2023 3:29 pm


Apm: 57
MMR: 2954
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Apm: 285
MMR: 2977
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Player Time Message
Ecliptic 00:00 glhf
Ecliptic 00:14 could've told me you were starting XD
IRRITATING 00:28 like i care about you?
IRRITATING 01:14 fuking pussy
Ecliptic 15:47 :0
Ecliptic 16:07 whos the pussy now
Ecliptic 16:54 what happened pussy
Ecliptic 17:09 you're a little quiet
Ecliptic 17:57 nice base you have there pussy
Ecliptic 19:09 whoopise
IRRITATING 19:23 fuk sour smelling dog
Ecliptic 19:26
Ecliptic 19:29 little cunt
IRRITATING 19:30 go eat your vomit
IRRITATING 19:57 you smelly motherfuker

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