Cosmologic VS MrChach 18 Mar, 2023 12:22 am


Apm: 93
MMR: 2466
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Apm: 75
MMR: 2844
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Player Time Message
Cosmologic 08:44 poor loser protoss players
Cosmologic 08:46 you can't do shit skillful
MrChach 08:53 who lost?
Cosmologic 08:56 you do
Cosmologic 09:04 bitch you are doing nothing suprising or special
MrChach 09:05 why?
Cosmologic 09:05 lmfao
Cosmologic 09:07 you're trash
Cosmologic 09:10 IM far better than you
Cosmologic 09:14 bc I let you win bitch thats why
MrChach 09:14 but you lose?
Cosmologic 09:19 You don't want me to beat your fucking ass faggot
Cosmologic 09:22 I will dominate you with ease
MrChach 09:24 i see
MrChach 09:27 so kind of you
MrChach 09:28 thanks
Cosmologic 13:18 you just proven you're not e legit player
MrChach 13:22 K
Cosmologic 13:32 i will beat your ass even though you map hack though> accept my game invite
Cosmologic 13:37 im going to fucking enjoy this
MrChach 13:38 MAP HACK?
MrChach 13:40 lol
Cosmologic 13:40 now that I know the bitch you are
Cosmologic 14:07 ur skilless af
MrChach 14:11 sorry
Cosmologic 14:12 its sad thats why you play prot
Cosmologic 14:19 ur not even faceing my main
MrChach 14:19 ya my hands are all busted
Cosmologic 14:20 i hardly play
MrChach 14:24 my joints hurt constantly
Cosmologic 15:03 you sound dumb
MrChach 15:09 sorry
Cosmologic 15:12 makes sense for your play style
Cosmologic 15:17 0 skill behind your ability to play with skill
MrChach 15:18 i dont mean to hurt your feelings so much
Cosmologic 15:22 you are trash
Cosmologic 15:27 you can't hurt my feeling
MrChach 15:31 thats good
Cosmologic 15:36 you only compliment me with your pathetic ass skilless prot bs
Cosmologic 15:42 protoss is not skilled race untill masters
Cosmologic 15:47 so bitch Try to argue that
MrChach 15:49 ya its true
Cosmologic 15:49 dumb cunt
MrChach 16:58 well i just play to have fun

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