EFE VS megapihar 24 May, 2023 5:24 am


Apm: 44
MMR: 3014
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Apm: 138
MMR: 3008
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Player Time Message
EFE 02:02 lol
EFE 03:25 l2p
EFE 04:27 idiot
EFE 05:56 what now ?
EFE 08:39 as expected
EFE 09:07 l2p
EFE 09:11 and keep on sucking cocks
EFE 10:07 leave stupid noob
EFE 11:44 lol stupid and stupid
EFE 11:46 not a surprise
EFE 12:46 oh btw it will run out of ressources
EFE 13:18 greatest noob ever seen
EFE 13:19 ahahhahaha
EFE 16:19 what now stupid noob ?
EFE 19:26 poor stupid noob ahahhah
EFE 19:32 running out of ressources
EFE 21:51 what now stupid pig ?

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