Optimus VS Zehreela 24 May, 2023 6:40 am


Apm: 85
MMR: 2713
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Apm: 82
MMR: 2706
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Player Time Message
Zehreela 00:00 gl hf
Optimus 00:04 TOSS ARE OP
Optimus 00:10 so ill need luck
Zehreela 00:11 no terran is
Optimus 00:16 whatevrr
Optimus 00:27 all toss do is battery and zealots and win
Zehreela 00:35 battery got nerfed bro
Optimus 00:38 nope
Optimus 00:51 still too strong
Optimus 06:53 exactly
Zehreela 07:01 i didnt do battery stuff bro
Optimus 07:09 are you kidding
Optimus 07:13 yes yuo fucking did
Optimus 07:27 fuckign smurf
Optimus 10:57 fuck you an d your smurf account you fag

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