FinngerMeDan VS Savage 24 May, 2023 6:21 pm


Apm: 195
MMR: 3087
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Apm: 104
MMR: 3223
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Player Time Message
FinngerMeDan 04:55 dude
Savage 18:40 dude
FinngerMeDan 18:44 air noob
FinngerMeDan 18:45 please
FinngerMeDan 18:46 go kys
Savage 18:49
FinngerMeDan 19:53 really
FinngerMeDan 19:54 go kys
Savage 20:00 why do you say that
Savage 20:05 doesnt it seem a little harsh
FinngerMeDan 20:09 cause you are SUCH a loser
Savage 20:12 :/
FinngerMeDan 20:13 we dont want you here
FinngerMeDan 20:16 just
Savage 20:17 who is we?
FinngerMeDan 20:19 leave this world
FinngerMeDan 20:21 EVERYONE
FinngerMeDan 20:29 tell me one person who actually loves you?
FinngerMeDan 20:31 come on
FinngerMeDan 20:33 just one person
FinngerMeDan 20:36 low life loser
FinngerMeDan 20:38 who masses air
FinngerMeDan 20:40 fuck you
FinngerMeDan 20:43 kill yourself

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