TheLastSith VS CleverName 27 May, 2023 1:44 am


Apm: 16
MMR: 2026
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Apm: 50
MMR: 2118
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Player Time Message
CleverName 00:00 gl hf
TheLastSith 16:14 is that what youre doing?
CleverName 16:19 ??
TheLastSith 16:56 you clowning?
CleverName 17:06 How so?
TheLastSith 17:16 have no business being in gold
CleverName 17:43 why not?
TheLastSith 17:45 you taking easy wins?
CleverName 17:45 I suck!
TheLastSith 18:12 have no business in gold dude
CleverName 18:14 are you saying that I'm too good for gold league?
CleverName 18:21 I'm actually in silver.
TheLastSith 18:30 yea. your just playing easy wins
CleverName 18:37 how?
TheLastSith 18:43 lol ok\
CleverName 18:54 I mean... you suck too, so there's that.
CleverName 18:56 we all do.
TheLastSith 18:56 i know the differensce
CleverName 19:09 are you saying that I'm good?
TheLastSith 19:11 between a real los and someone like you
CleverName 19:12 I'm so confused right now
TheLastSith 19:27 lol ok bud
CleverName 19:40 so... that IS what you're saying?
CleverName 19:43 Thank you, I guess
TheLastSith 19:43 you just need the dopamine
TheLastSith 20:03 its sad and crngy
CleverName 20:07 so you're saying I'm smurfing?
CleverName 20:12 check the apm in the replay?
TheLastSith 20:22 please do
CleverName 20:22 i'm actually really bad.
CleverName 20:25 honest
TheLastSith 20:38 your an addict
CleverName 20:47 lol. I've never had to convince someone that I'm NOT good.
TheLastSith 20:57 k
TheLastSith 21:12 you know what you did\

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