TechnoViking VS macaddict 27 May, 2023 12:03 pm


Apm: 95
MMR: 2012
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Apm: 81
MMR: 2032
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Player Time Message
macaddict 05:22 nice try dumbass
macaddict 20:11 FUCK OFF FAGGOT
TechnoViking 20:22 you sound mad
macaddict 20:25 go suck off your bnoyfriend and let him pla ywitj your little FIUCKING MICRO DICK
macaddict 20:29 YOU SOUND GAY
TechnoViking 20:29 haha
macaddict 20:35 tell your mom thanks for the GREAT BLOWJOB
macaddict 20:41 too bad you and yoru daddy cannot satisfy her
TechnoViking 20:48 my gf is fine bro
macaddict 20:48 tell her i will be back at 9 for that nice tight CUNT
macaddict 20:57 you BOUYFRIEND dont lie faggot
macaddict 21:10 your gf is a cover asshole
TechnoViking 21:10 god if you saw her you would be so jelly
macaddict 21:33 and yoru mom has a nice tight pussy. glad you and your dadd yare sooooo small. keeps that pussy nice and tivbght for me
TechnoViking 21:48 well she did have a c section
macaddict 22:00 that makes no sense faggot
TechnoViking 22:13 cause you lack female anatomy
macaddict 22:28 you lack having a life
TechnoViking 22:32 sure
TechnoViking 22:50 the one raging at sc2 def has the life
macaddict 27:30 dont forget tell tell mommy. you and daddy can even watch and learn how to make her moan REAAAAALLLL good

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