Renfyr VS ThaMuffinMan 27 May, 2023 5:07 pm


Apm: 27
MMR: 2579
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Apm: 85
MMR: 2509
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Player Time Message
Renfyr 00:16 gl hf
ThaMuffinMan 00:26 ?
ThaMuffinMan 00:40 what
ThaMuffinMan 08:13 QUITU NOOB
ThaMuffinMan 08:14 FUKER
Renfyr 08:27 sure salty
ThaMuffinMan 08:30 EZ
Renfyr 08:31 hope this makes you feel big
ThaMuffinMan 08:32 QUIIT NOW
Renfyr 08:43 i'll afk, earn it dude
ThaMuffinMan 08:47 QUIT FUKER
ThaMuffinMan 12:05 NOOB
ThaMuffinMan 12:06 QUIT
ThaMuffinMan 14:31 FUKER NOOB
Renfyr 15:00 you having fun now? I would've gg'd if you hadn't gotten salty
ThaMuffinMan 15:05 FUK OFF
Renfyr 15:22 lulz I'm reading a book and hitting e every once and a while. how you doing?
ThaMuffinMan 16:04 U QUITING OR WAT
ThaMuffinMan 16:05 NOOB
Renfyr 16:25 nope, I just started abook I've been really excited about
Renfyr 16:30 can wait
ThaMuffinMan 18:05 NOOB
ThaMuffinMan 18:10 NO WORKERS NOW NOOB
Renfyr 18:37 Want to talk about it?
Renfyr 19:05 Are you just a kid or an adult who with a lot of trauma?
ThaMuffinMan 19:18 fuk off
ThaMuffinMan 19:19 noob
ThaMuffinMan 19:22 u are so bad

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