Zulu VS AcTiVillain 27 May, 2023 7:02 pm


Apm: 120
MMR: 0
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Apm: 96
MMR: 0
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Player Time Message
Zulu 00:01 Glh
Zulu 00:09 no countdown?
AcTiVillain 00:29 craazy
Zulu 00:34 I was noooooot ready lol
Zulu 00:58 I think casue it was arcade?
AcTiVillain 01:12 yeh
Zulu 02:01 sad we got ditto
Zulu 03:25 my build was so fucked because of that start I think??
AcTiVillain 03:37 nah this is a special cheese
Zulu 03:40 aaaaah
Zulu 03:44 gg

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