AppleJuice VS Player 27 May, 2023 9:22 pm


Apm: 236
MMR: 4900
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Apm: 222
MMR: 4967
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Player Time Message
AppleJuice 00:03 glgl
Player 00:16 shut the fuck up
Player 00:16 retard
AppleJuice 00:21 hmmm
AppleJuice 00:23 lol
AppleJuice 00:24 ok
AppleJuice 00:26 glhf
Player 00:29 yeah that's right
Player 00:30 stay down
AppleJuice 00:32 glhf
Player 00:38 fucking donkey
AppleJuice 00:47 what did i do to you
AppleJuice 01:25 i can feel the cheese into bm
Player 01:31 can ya?
AppleJuice 04:21 ''stay down''
Player 04:23 do it again
Player 07:50 embarassing
AppleJuice 07:55 good job
Player 08:02 damn right
Player 08:57 nice
AppleJuice 08:58 plz no pause
Player 13:40 nigge r

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