INeedHealing VS Veritas 28 May, 2023 3:13 pm


Apm: 124
MMR: 3222
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Apm: 61
MMR: 3142
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Player Time Message
Veritas 00:27 hi
Veritas 00:32 what is it you need healing from ?
Veritas 01:06 yo
Veritas 01:06 are you afk bro ?
Veritas 01:06 you didnt respond
Veritas 01:06 anyone home ?
Veritas 02:05 yo
Veritas 02:06 u afk bro ?
Veritas 02:21 hello ?
INeedHealing 13:35 you're not very good, are you?
INeedHealing 14:40 yeah...
Veritas 15:01 i am eating lunch
INeedHealing 15:03 ok
Veritas 15:05 you are entertainment
INeedHealing 15:13 you were too
INeedHealing 15:16 very interesting build
Veritas 15:16 i am playing with 1 hand
INeedHealing 15:24 well that might be your issue
Veritas 15:24 usually people kill me in 5 min
Veritas 15:31 you took 16 min
Veritas 15:35 you test just above a monkey
Veritas 15:36 lol
INeedHealing 15:37 ok
Veritas 15:43 its something i do when i eat lunch
Veritas 15:44 lol
Veritas 15:46 hhaa
INeedHealing 15:46 you sound a wee bit angry, mate
INeedHealing 15:48 are you?
Veritas 15:53 i love when guys like you think there good
INeedHealing 15:59 eh, I'm diamond
Veritas 15:59 u know i have 1 hand on keyboard
INeedHealing 16:01 not exactly amazing
Veritas 16:05 other on my turkey sandwich
Veritas 16:13 its more important then you
Veritas 16:14 hahah
INeedHealing 16:16 so why the pause?

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