FuRoar VS Hagenbart 16 Sep, 2023 9:20 am


Apm: 256
MMR: 3519
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Apm: 169
MMR: 3434
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Player Time Message
FuRoar 00:00 GL
Hagenbart 00:06 gl hf
FuRoar 17:58 this is bullshit
FuRoar 18:07 you are a trashg
Hagenbart 18:11 #
FuRoar 18:11 but can win
Hagenbart 18:12 dude
Hagenbart 18:18 you go mass nukes without killing stuff
FuRoar 18:31 fucking bullshit
FuRoar 18:32 lurker

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