Voidboy VS Adax 17 Sep, 2023 8:10 pm


Apm: 106
MMR: 2855
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Apm: 96
MMR: 2865
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Player Time Message
Adax 00:00 glhf
Voidboy 00:00
Adax 00:24 another tvt.
Adax 00:26 i dont lose these
Adax 00:31 if u wana jus leave
Voidboy 00:38 lets still try
Adax 00:45 k
Adax 00:51 dont lkill yourself reapr alln
Adax 09:58 its over
Adax 15:38 sorry
Adax 15:40 but ui lost
Adax 15:41 u should ff
Voidboy 15:47 nah dog
Adax 15:51 u onlyt iwn bc i let u
Adax 15:57 u wouldnt win if ui didnt bm u.
Voidboy 15:57 yeah

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