Case VS VeNi 18 Nov, 2023 8:42 am


Apm: 285
MMR: 4318
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Apm: 177
MMR: 4359
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Player Time Message
Case 00:00 glhf
VeNi 00:04 pff
VeNi 00:05 zvz
VeNi 00:06 just leave
Case 00:34 why?
VeNi 00:40 its boring
VeNi 00:42 and we know the end
Case 00:54 lol
Case 01:01 feel free to leave
VeNi 06:20 noob shit
VeNi 06:22 srsly
VeNi 06:23 u get bo win
VeNi 06:24 and sti ll
Case 06:44 didn't you say we knew how it would end?
VeNi 06:47 u play so trash
VeNi 06:49 god
VeNi 06:51 go play tetris

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