CheezWhiz VS Sage 02 Dec, 2023 3:20 pm


Apm: 130
MMR: 2827
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Apm: 110
MMR: 2906
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Player Time Message
Sage 00:00 glhf
CheezWhiz 00:06 okay!
CheezWhiz 01:21 fun!
CheezWhiz 01:25 good luck
CheezWhiz 11:03 ure stupid
Sage 12:38 how come you did not win yet?
CheezWhiz 12:42 cause ure stupid
CheezWhiz 13:40 ur a noob
CheezWhiz 13:45 with bm your'e supposed to gg
Sage 13:49 (qq)
CheezWhiz 13:52 cope
CheezWhiz 14:55 what a loser

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