Mozzarella VS FunRei 04 Dec, 2023 9:00 pm


Apm: 151
MMR: 3199
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Apm: 96
MMR: 3407
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Player Time Message
FunRei 00:00 GL
FunRei 09:10 noob
Mozzarella 09:19 gg
FunRei 09:23 no gg
FunRei 09:28 you stupid noob
Mozzarella 09:30 lol
FunRei 09:35 learn to play!
Mozzarella 09:40 i won?
Mozzarella 09:42 im confused
FunRei 09:43 NO)
FunRei 09:51 WON?))))
FunRei 09:52 AHAHAHAH
FunRei 10:39 It's incredibly funny. Rush failed, push failed. What can you even do? Prick
Mozzarella 10:49 and yet i won lol
FunRei 11:00 ahahahaha
FunRei 11:26 learn to play stupid animal)
FunRei 11:50 Maybe in a hundred years you'll realize how dumb you are)
Mozzarella 11:59 I am dumb
Mozzarella 12:03 already aware
FunRei 12:34 You should get some treatment)

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