Dermay VS DarkStar 10 Feb, 2024 3:50 pm


Apm: 85
MMR: 3396
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Apm: 121
MMR: 3434
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Player Time Message
Dermay 00:00 glhf
DarkStar 00:00 Fuck off
Dermay 00:07 you okay champ?
DarkStar 00:10 No
Dermay 00:13 feel that
DarkStar 00:13 Harstem needs to kill himself
Dermay 00:24 haha
DarkStar 00:25 Giving these ladder zergs the worlds worst cheese
Dermay 00:25 what he do?
DarkStar 00:33 Spam 10000 trillion hydras
Dermay 00:34 yeajh fuck him
Dermay 00:52 makes you feel better ive lost 200 mmr today
DarkStar 00:56 Now everyone thinks they're harstem
DarkStar 01:02 No it doesn't
DarkStar 01:13 The last two zergs played the same exact bullshit
DarkStar 01:19 Fucking mass hydrafags
Dermay 01:35 well you'll probs get some free points off me bro
DarkStar 01:39 Yeah
DarkStar 01:42 My TvP is awful
DarkStar 01:47 We'll see
Dermay 01:49 im at 30% this season
DarkStar 01:56 Mine's got higher but
DarkStar 01:58 Not by much
DarkStar 06:29 Wow dude
DarkStar 06:30 So cool
DarkStar 06:34 Love the instant warp in
Dermay 06:38 feel better talking
Dermay 06:40 about how you feeling tho
Dermay 06:42 chin up fam
DarkStar 06:48 Unearned, undeserved

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