BrainDamaged VS macaddict 10 Feb, 2024 6:19 am


Apm: 102
MMR: 2328
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Apm: 68
MMR: 2284
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Player Time Message
BrainDamaged 00:11 HFHF
macaddict 00:14 you too
macaddict 03:57 dumbass
BrainDamaged 04:04 rude
macaddict 04:07 fag
BrainDamaged 04:35 that is not nice
macaddict 04:42 shut the fuck up asshole
BrainDamaged 04:48 reported
macaddict 04:53 COIOOLLLLLL
BrainDamaged 05:54 good sir please stop
macaddict 06:02 SHUT THE FUCK UP asshole
BrainDamaged 06:16 why are you so grumpy sir
macaddict 06:20 fuck off
macaddict 06:27 becaiue you are GAY
BrainDamaged 07:38 please stop
macaddict 07:54 stop what? fucking your mommy>? nah. she likes it
BrainDamaged 08:01 thats not nice
macaddict 08:45 you are not nice attacking after 2 seconds. be your boyfriend likes your 2 second wonder of a little dick though
BrainDamaged 09:35 cool base
macaddict 09:44 cool mommy
BrainDamaged 10:05 rude
BrainDamaged 11:22 is my base cool too?
BrainDamaged 15:36 peeeeeing on your base
macaddict 15:43 FCUK YOU FAGGGOT
BrainDamaged 16:13 ruuuude
macaddict 16:17 fag
macaddict 17:57 tell your mom thanks for the great BLOWJOB. too bad you and yoru daddy cannot satisfy her nice tight CUNT.
macaddict 18:10 you can even watch next time and learn how to make her moan realllllllll goood.

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