Kamil,Osterhase,Autumn VS Victory,Duran,Bug 01 Apr, 2024 10:01 am


Apm: 130
MMR: 2954
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Apm: 71
MMR: 3020
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Apm: 120
MMR: 2997
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Apm: 97
MMR: 3085
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Apm: 109
MMR: 3047
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Apm: 50
MMR: 2690
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Player Time Message
Osterhase 01:14 why you dont close
Kamil 01:19 chill.
Osterhase 01:32 pvp is no chill
Osterhase 03:49 and this happen now
Osterhase 03:52 CHILL DUDE
Osterhase 04:10 cjill dude
Osterhase 04:13 chill
Kamil 04:16 GETOUT ITIOD
Osterhase 04:28 chill
Kamil 04:59 dumb fuk
Osterhase 06:07 chill dude
Osterhase 06:15 i see on ebginn
Autumn 10:12 void raids
Kamil 11:43 nice one
Kamil 11:44 hahaha
Kamil 11:49 u fkn stupid piece of she it one another
Kamil 11:56 u suck !!!!
Osterhase 11:57 chill!
Autumn 12:34 what are you doing?=?
Osterhase 12:38 uihh now team kill?
Osterhase 12:44 CHILL
Osterhase 12:53 you ar so stupid
Osterhase 12:56 now you lose osiure
Autumn 13:00 report this replay to blizz
Osterhase 13:06 no need
Osterhase 13:10 its only a littel kid
Kamil 13:12 leave
Kamil 13:15 i will kill em
Osterhase 13:16 no you leabe
Kamil 13:19 leae u 2
Kamil 13:30 LEAVE

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