grogan VS RudeSlOth 12 May, 2024 2:22 am


Apm: 113
MMR: 2984
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Apm: 118
MMR: 3104
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Player Time Message
RudeSlOth 00:00 hey mate glhf
grogan 00:02 glhf
RudeSlOth 00:08 u been good?
grogan 10:33 my god, you're so offensive
RudeSlOth 10:37 love u
grogan 10:47 no you don't
grogan 10:54 you're sim[ply a cunt
RudeSlOth 10:58 man
grogan 11:18 such a low-life
RudeSlOth 12:12 legit thought we were friends
grogan 12:28 you see, this is what makes you so offensive
grogan 12:33 just shut the fuck up, dickhead
RudeSlOth 12:48 like...we are friends...on list anyways....we've had bangers
RudeSlOth 12:54 u.....u wanna take a xanax?
grogan 13:07 no, it's always been roflstomps
grogan 13:16 ...because you're a cunt
grogan 13:32 so fuck off back to your proper you league, loser
RudeSlOth 13:36 righto i'll keep it in mind muffin
RudeSlOth 13:45
grogan 13:45 such a douche
RudeSlOth 13:53 ur the one not gg'ing out champ
grogan 14:00 such a douche
grogan 14:17 why should I gg to an offensive, smurfing arsehole?
RudeSlOth 14:25 ?
grogan 14:32 dickhead says "?"
RudeSlOth 14:37 just leave mate
grogan 14:43 you leave
grogan 14:53 and quit it with the "mate" garbage
RudeSlOth 15:04 we're laughing ovber here mate
grogan 15:17 you're a douche, not in the slightest bit friendly
RudeSlOth 15:26 well rudes in the name man
grogan 15:33 of course the douche is laughing
grogan 15:42 that's what douches do, right?
RudeSlOth 15:50 not anatomically speakoihng
grogan 16:08 oh, you're a simpleton
RudeSlOth 16:23 ur the one losing a fairly straight forward sc2 game champ
grogan 16:25 can't understand the meaning of douche in different contexts
grogan 16:36 poor simpleton
RudeSlOth 16:44 say hi to youtube
grogan 17:04 everyone who watches your lame stream knows you're a douche
RudeSlOth 17:07 k
grogan 17:40 wanker gets his jollies from needing approval from fanbois
RudeSlOth 17:51 k
grogan 18:04 you know it, they know it
grogan 18:17 bye bye, douche
RudeSlOth 18:25 k
RudeSlOth 18:27 get rekd

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