Pie VS jimmer 12 May, 2024 7:32 am


Apm: 128
MMR: 3626
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Apm: 72
MMR: 3526
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Player Time Message
Pie 00:00 glhf
jimmer 00:00 glhf
jimmer 02:43 well
jimmer 02:46 thats awkward
Pie 02:51 ;;
jimmer 02:55 leave the game please
Pie 02:58 lmao
jimmer 03:02 this is unfair
jimmer 03:04 please leave
jimmer 03:13 bro please
jimmer 03:17 you cheated please leave
Pie 03:24 how did I cheat?
jimmer 03:27 look at you
jimmer 03:36 thats cheating
jimmer 03:38 bro come on
jimmer 03:41 i also asked very nicely
jimmer 03:43 i said please
jimmer 03:44 please leave
Pie 03:52 uno reverse
Pie 03:55 you please leave
jimmer 03:59 but I asked first
Pie 04:05 but i asked harder
jimmer 04:06 so since I asked first you have to leave
jimmer 04:13 yeah but I asked first bro
jimmer 04:43 can you leave my man
Pie 04:56 unfortunately
Pie 04:56 not
Pie 04:57 sorry
jimmer 04:59 please
jimmer 05:54 ??
jimmer 06:11 gg

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