Blade,tealeaves,Salicornia,SUKjouchy VS Meddler,DaemonKeeper,Mordekaiser,RAY 12 May, 2024 6:27 pm


Apm: 68
MMR: 3006
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Apm: 86
MMR: 2876
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Apm: 76
MMR: 2979
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Apm: 169
MMR: 2974
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Apm: 104
MMR: 2834
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Apm: 48
MMR: 2759
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Apm: 218
MMR: 3503
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Apm: 104
MMR: 2757
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Player Time Message
DaemonKeeper 00:42 teal probe cr inc
Meddler 02:35 why wouldn't he cancel that lmao
Mordekaiser 02:48 cannon rushers have no brain
Salicornia 07:05 sukaaa mah dikkk
Mordekaiser 07:18 when and where
Blade 07:28 Gay
Mordekaiser 07:32 dont be shy
Mordekaiser 07:36 take off your pants
Salicornia 07:45 im foook me im fook yuuuu
Mordekaiser 08:00 that's right.
Salicornia 08:10 fat bastard is it you
Mordekaiser 08:18 you enjoy being gay don't you
Salicornia 08:33 only way to enjoy life
Salicornia 08:38 like Tom Brady
Mordekaiser 08:49 yess 100%
Salicornia 08:56 you see gisele?
Salicornia 08:58 fcking whore
Mordekaiser 09:03 mmfph yes
Mordekaiser 09:06 call me that more
Mordekaiser 09:08 what am I?
Meddler 09:22 scab
DaemonKeeper 09:23 run cur
Meddler 09:23 scan
Salicornia 09:25 oh ill give you a happy mothers day alright
Mordekaiser 10:41 bro got topped
DaemonKeeper 10:42 lolol
Mordekaiser 10:42 by me
Meddler 10:52 scan again
SUKjouchy 13:19 prepare to die
Meddler 13:27 by who
Mordekaiser 13:53 please let me die by choking on your cock
Mordekaiser 14:26 nooo
Mordekaiser 14:28 no cock
SUKjouchy 14:37 that was but a taste of my fury
Mordekaiser 14:52 thrust harder next time k?
SUKjouchy 16:39 next time....
DaemonKeeper 16:49 gg
DaemonKeeper 16:59 ty for the sloppy toppy

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