Groovy VS TinkerJoe 13 May, 2024 10:08 am


Apm: 435
MMR: 0
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Apm: 183
MMR: 0
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Player Time Message
TinkerJoe 00:07 ty for rm
Groovy 00:12 for sure
Groovy 00:13 im t
TinkerJoe 00:15 z
TinkerJoe 12:38 lol
TinkerJoe 12:40 let me get nat ty
Groovy 12:44 haha
TinkerJoe 12:46 haha
TinkerJoe 13:12 lol
TinkerJoe 13:34 gg had to give it a go
Groovy 13:36 gggg
TinkerJoe 13:36 ^_^

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