Stimulus VS Greekboy 13 May, 2024 7:25 pm


Apm: 130
MMR: 3348
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Apm: 151
MMR: 3386
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Player Time Message
Stimulus 00:00 glhf
Greekboy 00:00 hey timmy
Greekboy 00:27 how are you
Greekboy 00:28 timmy?
Stimulus 00:31 good you
Stimulus 00:35 not timmy
Greekboy 00:35 great son
Greekboy 00:39 what age are you
Stimulus 00:45 86
Greekboy 00:55 no really
Stimulus 01:00 go easy I have arthritis
Greekboy 01:09 haha that is a good one pal
Greekboy 01:18 may i ask
Greekboy 01:21 where you are from
Stimulus 01:24 you kids never listen to your elders
Stimulus 01:32 CO
Stimulus 01:35 u?
Greekboy 01:37 colordo
Greekboy 01:42 colorado
Greekboy 01:47 what do you do there
Stimulus 01:54 retirement home
Greekboy 01:57 colarodo
Greekboy 02:30 what do you do in that home
Stimulus 02:39 play sc2
Greekboy 02:53 do you also work at that facility
Stimulus 03:02 nah bruh I'm 86
Greekboy 03:14 uh huh
Greekboy 03:22 what is your name
Stimulus 03:33 bernard
Greekboy 10:30 faggot
Stimulus 10:33 (hearts)
Greekboy 10:38 dont heart me faggot

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