rush VS OpiumFSB 21 May, 2024 12:00 pm


Apm: 82
MMR: 2097
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Apm: 64
MMR: 0
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Player Time Message
OpiumFSB 09:25 you fucking retard 30 apm gamer kill me dirty n`gger i have 30 army cap
rush 09:45 lol
OpiumFSB 11:13 ye ye wait 30 minute dirty jews monky with dead grandmother
OpiumFSB 12:15 why you shut up, your father rape your anal and you cant write?
OpiumFSB 18:03 you realy stupid n`gger or what? i have 2 base you have 5
OpiumFSB 18:07 and you can kill me
OpiumFSB 18:12 literally 30 apm gaamer
OpiumFSB 18:13 xF
OpiumFSB 18:17 get cncer
OpiumFSB 18:20 n`gga
OpiumFSB 19:06 i go rape your grandfather biz i afk
OpiumFSB 19:09 ez win
OpiumFSB 19:10 suck cock
rush 26:46 so
rush 26:49 gg
rush 27:48 what apm bro?))))
OpiumFSB 28:15 suck my dick and shut up slave of my penis
rush 28:22 leave bro
OpiumFSB 28:28 call your mother and do me blowjob
rush 28:34 or worker will kill your stull
rush 28:36 )))))
rush 28:39 LOL
OpiumFSB 29:05 lol my nickname rush i have cancer and pedo father

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