Maar VS BBRICKY 22 May, 2024 5:29 am


Apm: 146
MMR: 3234
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Apm: 78
MMR: 3166
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Player Time Message
Maar 00:00 glfh
BBRICKY 00:02 hi noob
BBRICKY 02:40 faggot
BBRICKY 04:19 are u physically retarded?
BBRICKY 04:43 u impotent dog traveler
BBRICKY 05:09 u see my wall
BBRICKY 05:17 why u do this u retarded fish frog?
BBRICKY 06:05 u faggot mother worshiper
BBRICKY 06:15 u want rematch?
BBRICKY 06:17 ready?
BBRICKY 06:20 lets go
BBRICKY 06:26 maphacking
BBRICKY 06:30 unbelieable
BBRICKY 06:42 u cant kill me
BBRICKY 06:51 hahah
BBRICKY 07:01 sorry bro
BBRICKY 07:02 u dead
BBRICKY 07:03 hahaa
BBRICKY 07:15 hahahaa
BBRICKY 07:17 cant catch me
BBRICKY 07:20 ash pokemon

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