GODI VS PlayStoneHD 22 May, 2024 10:36 am


Apm: 64
MMR: 2512
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Apm: 179
MMR: 2685
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Player Time Message
PlayStoneHD 00:00 glhf
GODI 00:03 hf
GODI 05:26 typical sad terran
GODI 05:30 tanks and camp at base
PlayStoneHD 05:37 i scouted you all in so...
GODI 05:46 sad
PlayStoneHD 06:34 tell me what i shpuld do instead
PlayStoneHD 06:47 when your all inning me
GODI 06:48 just play ur stupid terran get ur tanks and sit lik,e a dog
GODI 10:10 go and kys u fucking nigger

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