Scout VS Skaterboi 22 May, 2024 7:54 pm


Apm: 121
MMR: 2817
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Apm: 61
MMR: 2760
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Player Time Message
Skaterboi 14:03 lol thsi game broken
Skaterboi 22:01 you are a pathetic piece of shit
Skaterboi 22:09 ive never seen someone abuse this game like this
Skaterboi 22:13 no wonder its a dead game
Scout 25:15 no gg?
Scout 25:17 no kisses?
Scout 25:19 so kiss my dick
Skaterboi 25:28 ur pathetic
Skaterboi 25:30 fag
Scout 25:32 hahahahahahahaha
Scout 25:38 loserrrrr
Skaterboi 25:44 aint over yet bitch
Scout 26:15 ok take it

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