beastCheng VS acsro 22 May, 2024 9:26 pm


Apm: 159
MMR: 2991
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Apm: 51
MMR: 3025
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Player Time Message
acsro 00:03 glhf
beastCheng 00:08 sup dawg
acsro 00:27 not much and you
beastCheng 00:38 chilling, what race you playing
acsro 00:49 protoss the op race
beastCheng 01:03 thats not fair
acsro 01:16 what can I say
acsro 01:23 I'm a cheaty face
beastCheng 01:30 my first game
acsro 02:05 You excited?
beastCheng 02:11 not really
acsro 02:31 don't blame you
acsro 02:38 this game is terrifying
beastCheng 03:11 ya aliens everywhere
acsro 03:28 right, why can't everyone play terran
acsro 03:33 the honorable race

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